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Speech & Language Therapy

Speech, Language & Hearing Screenings

Express Yourself Speech Pathology Services, LLC offers individual therapy for the individual child. Every child is unique as is every therapy program.

Our speech and language services address a wide variety of delays and disorders.

We practice a team approach with parents, occupational and physical therapists, teachers, pediatricians, psychologists and other professionals, working together to ensure a cohesive therapy program for all of our young clients.

Express Yourself is known for the personal touch we provide to each of the children we work with. We go above and beyond what happens in a therapy session including school observations, parent education and resources, and correspondence with other therapists and teachers. We do what’s best for YOUR child and gauge his or her progress continuously with weekly communication and education with caregivers.

Our Team

Happy Clients


“At the age of 6 months, my daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  We, as parents, had no idea what to expect, what we needed to do, or who to contact.  We were fortunate enough to have a lot of friends in the community who helped us find the right support for our daughter. With that support came Express Yourself Speech Therapists.  After speaking with Traci Flome, my husband and I felt much more comfortable about what to expect and how to approach various support teams.

We have seen tremendous growth in our daughter’s speech that we fully attribute to the services we have been provided at Express Yourself.  The entire practice is not only full of extremely educated professionals, but also more like family members to us.  It has been truly amazing to watch our daughter grow in the care of these wonderful ladies and we couldn’t ask for any better support.”
Nanci, parent of a three-year-old girl


“I am very impressed with Express Yourself. The therapists are so caring and committed and go out of their way to help my daughter. The therapists always go above and beyond what is expected. For example, they have sent me detailed and thorough suggestions in the mail and emailed me ideas of things that I could do at home that would help my daughter. One of their therapists offered to come with me to a school meeting for my daughter and also offered to speak to any of her teachers in her school. I also really appreciate the fact that everyone I have dealt with at Express Yourself is so organized and so responsive. Every time I email them or call them, I hear back from them very promptly. I am just so impressed with Express Yourself and have recommended them to a few of my friends. I will continue to recommend them whole heartedly!”
Kim, parent of a six-year-old girl


Traci with Express Yourself Speech Pathology has been critical in our son’s development.

At age 2, he was barely speaking and clearly frustrated by it. With Traci’s expertise, guidance and patience, our son has made leaps and bounds with his speech and ability to communicate. He simply adores her and thinks their sessions are special play time, which translates to better cooperation and learning.  I believe that Traci’s ability to connect with her patients and her communication skills with parents are what sets her apart. She sends detailed reports of their session and gives us suggestions of what to focus on at home. Traci also includes my son’s preschool teachers in the communication (with our permission), allowing everyone around him to be on the same page and work together in his speech development.  Our family is so grateful for Traci and everything she has done and continues to do for our son.
-J.B. Mom of a 3 year-old-boy

















Express Yourself Speech Pathology Services offers a variety of programs to suit your child’s unique needs.

Speech, language and hearing screenings: Members of the Express Yourself Team travel to various schools and daycare centers to conduct individual glimpses of your child’s skills to determine if further services are required. Coordination of the screenings takes place with the administrators and family to make this process as easy as possible for all parties.

Speech and language therapy: We treat communication, oral-motor and feeding disorders.   Communication disorders are primarily characterized by receptive/expressive language disorders and articulation/speech disorders. Receptive language disorders impact a child’s ability to comprehend auditory information, and expressive language disorders impact a child’s ability to formulate thoughts into words. Articulation deficits refer to the ability to produce sounds and words fluently and intelligibly. Oral-motor skills refer to the ability to use and coordinate lips, tongue, teeth, and jaw movements for speech and feeding purposes. Feeding deficits include a person’s ability to chew and swallow food safely and effectively, as well as the ability to tolerate a wide variety of tastes, temperatures and textures of food.