Express Yourself Speech Pathology Services offers a variety of programs to suit your child’s unique needs.

Traci with client

Speech, language and hearing screenings: Members of the Express Yourself Team travel to various schools and daycare centers to conduct individual glimpses of your child’s skills to determine if further services are required. Coordination of the screenings takes place with the administrators and family to make this process as easy as possible for all parties.

Speech and language therapy: We treat communication, oral-motor and feeding disorders.   Communication disorders are primarily characterized by receptive/expressive language disorders and articulation/speech disorders. Receptive language disorders impact a child’s ability to comprehend auditory information, and expressive language disorders impact a child’s ability to formulate thoughts into words. Articulation deficits refer to the ability to produce sounds and words fluently and intelligibly. Oral-motor skills refer to the ability to use and coordinate lips, tongue, teeth, and jaw movements for speech and feeding purposes. Feeding deficits include a person’s ability to chew and swallow food safely and effectively, as well as the ability to tolerate a wide variety of tastes, temperatures and textures of food.

Classroom consultation: We meet and work closely with teachers, administrators and other staff included in the child’s school.  Families receive immediate communication following the observation, which often leads to direct interaction with the child in this most functional setting if determined necessary.

School presentations: We conduct educational lectures geared toward staff and/or parents regarding the speech/language pathology field, how it overlaps with other disciplines, typical speech and language development and tools to enhance this development.  We believe in presenting in a comfortable, pressure-free manner in order for parents and educators to be able to ask questions and talk openly about concerns.

Summer camps: “Camp Sensory” is a week long camp run by sensory integration clinicians who have adapted activities to provide a typical camp experience in a way that addresses and enhances your children’s sensory needs.

Themed play groups: It is important to start language enrichment from day one, and play groups are a great opportunity for us to assist caregivers in using age appropriate communication, Baby Sign Language, interactive song/motions and themes to facilitate communication in babies and toddlers.

Traci with client

We have developed strong relationships with the following schools in the metropolitan Atlanta area including but not limited to:

  • The Atlanta Speech School
  • Buckhead Prep
  • Bnai Torah Preschool
  • The Davis Academy
  • The Epstein School
  • The Galloway School
  • Greenfield Hebrew Academy
  • The Heart of Hope Academy at the Elaine Clark Center
  • The Howard School
  • Montessori at Emory
  • Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool
  • Schiff Preschool
  • St. Jude Preschool
  • The Suzuki School
  • Temple Early Learning Center
  • Temple Sinai Preschool
  • Various daycare centers including Primrose, Kids R Kids and Kindercare


If your child’s school is not included in this list and you are interested in a school observation or having your child treated before, during or after school hours on school premises, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to make this happen!