Traci with client“At the age of 6 months, my daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  We, as parents, had no idea what to expect, what we needed to do, or who to contact.  We were fortunate enough to have a lot of friends in the community who helped us find the right support for our daughter. With that support came Express Yourself Speech Therapists.  After speaking with Traci Flome, my husband and I felt much more comfortable about what to expect and how to approach various support teams.

We have seen tremendous growth in our daughter’s speech that we fully attribute to the services we have been provided at Express Yourself.  The entire practice is not only full of extremely educated professionals, but also more like family members to us.  It has been truly amazing to watch our daughter grow in the care of these wonderful ladies and we couldn’t ask for any better support.”
Nanci, parent of a three-year-old girl

“I am very impressed with Express Yourself. The therapists are so caring and committed and go out of their way to help my daughter. The therapists always go above and beyond what is expected. For example, they have sent me detailed and thorough suggestions in the mail and emailed me ideas of things that I could do at home that would help my daughter. One of their therapists offered to come with me to a school meeting for my daughter and also offered to speak to any of her teachers in her school. I also really appreciate the fact that everyone I have dealt with at Express Yourself is so organized and so responsive. Every time I email them or call them, I hear back from them very promptly. I am just so impressed with Express Yourself and have recommended them to a few of my friends. I will continue to recommend them whole heartedly!”
Kim, parent of a six-year-old girl

Traci with client“I just wanted to take the time to express all my gratitude for Jen Horgan. She has been instrumental on my son’s plan.

At the time Dr. Rubin and Babies Can’t Wait assessed him, he was three standard deviations below the mean, being severe, almost non-verbal. I went through two therapists at another practice, who both explained to me that he was severe and that he may not be able to talk. After I saw their work, I was sure he wouldn’t be able to talk if I continued with them. They would not work systemically, they would not have the knowledge and strategies to handle children with a spectrum of constraints. We had a 3rd specialist who didn’t fit my son’s needs.

Finally we found , Jen thanks to Traci.  Jen is a very hard working professional who will persevere to achieve his goals and will use all her expertise and adapt them for my son. She is also very resourceful and is always available to help me with his plan. As an engineer, I am factual and results oriented. When I see all of the improvements with his speech, I feel so much gratitude for Jen, and I know, because I have seen her hard work, that this is the consequence of her excellent therapy and dedication.”
B.F., parent of a three-year-old boy